Myer Plays Tag In Summer's Label Of Love

Sydney Morning Herald

Thursday August 9, 2007

Kellie Hush Fashion Editor

THERE was a sense of fashion deja vu last night as guests arrived at Redfern's CarriageWorks for the Myer summer collection launch.

The department store was quick to let the crowd of 550 know they were a long way from David Jones's tranquil French Riviera show on Tuesday night.

A massive staircase suspended from the ceiling danced to pumping music with the help of Q-motion technology, which was used for the first time during the opening ceremony at the Athens Olympic Games.

The Myer ambassador Jennifer Hawkins was first to hit the 35-metre catwalk in Josh Goot, surrounded by five Speedo-clad male models.

Hawkins's boyfriend, Jake Wall, was also on the catwalk last night to share the spotlight with his famous girlfriend.

"Tonight was about the clothes and there was a lot of time to see them because the catwalk was so long," said Hawkins, who is signed as the face of Myer for the next four years.

Also the face of Covergirl and Lovable, Hawkins says she can't predict whether her relationship will last as long as Megan Gale's relationship with David Jones. "Three years ago I wasn't even in this industry, so who knows what the future holds - but fashion is addictive and I love it."

Myer's stable of Australian fashion designers may not be as star-studded as David Jones but the department store has secured some of our top new design talent, including Yeojin Bae, Camilla and Marc and Goot.

Goot is based in New York but was in the front row last night to see his eponymous label open the show. "Signing with Myer wasn't about the dollars; it was about brand recognition and to help our brand reach a wider audience," says Goot, who also designed a capsule collection for Target this year.

"Target proved that it works to get your brand into big stores, rather than only in the small boutiques."

Closing show honours went to Jayson Brunsdon, who recently defected from David Jones. For her final exit, a Brunsdon-clad Hawkins was almost overshadowed by the soul singer Min, who emerged above the crowd to sing Madonna's Ray of Light.

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